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Let’s get real for a minute – a lot of times an MC (Master of Ceremonies) seems like a nice to have. I mean, we can just have James over in Marketing do the introductions and announcing, right?

While we all love James, and he is super engaging, reality is he has a lot of other projects right now and during the event he is going to be busy entertaining guests.

So…maybe that MC doesn’t sound so bad right now? Let’s talk about what you can expect from an event MC.

01 Engage the Crowd

The key to a successful event of any kind is keeping the audience engaged and having fun. This is where an MC excels. We connect with the audience and ensure they are alert, engaged, comfortable and getting the most from their event experience.

02 Make Your Life Easier

We’ve all been there – you are scrambling backstage because your CEO is supposed to go on next and he is no where to be found! Quick! Stall! While James from marketing may freeze up, an experienced MC is well versed in stalling techniques and will make the few extra minutes seem like an intended part of the event. Now, where is that CEO?!

03 Keep Everyone Informed

There are always a few planned (and unplanned) announcements that need to be made and neither James nor your CEO wants to do it. And you would rather die than get on that stage. It’s times like these where an MC can be incredibly helpful. What can the audience expect from the event? Who are the sponsors? Someone found an iPhone! Where is lost and found?

For an MC its more than just telling the audience what the WiFi password is, it is about delivering these details so it feels like it is part of the show, not an afterthought.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of an Event MC at your next event, contact us! brooke@second-banana.com

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