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I recently started buying most of my clothes from second hand stores like ThredUp and it has changed the way I approach everything in my life. That empty coffee can could be…a piggy bank? Or maybe a vase? Or what about a birdhouse? Up-cycling, recycling and sustainability are at the top of our minds but, how does this apply to events?

I stumbled across this eye catching post from Rafanelli Events about a recent UNICEF gala. Using color and lighting they turned trash into decor. It got me thinking…how else are #eventprofs getting creative with sustainability?

Intel decor at one event became the giveaway at the next by up-cycling the signage into really cool messenger bags. [Read more in this BizBash article]

Then I came across David Stark Design and was immediately obsessed with his work. Specifically the Robin Hood Benefit, where he designed a beautifully colorful, immersive and thought provoking sustainable experience. My favorite element were the thousands of backpacks lining the walls which will, after the event, be donated to students. How heartwarming is that?!

If you want to learn more about recycling decor after an event, check out this QC Event School article. [read more here]

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